Mr. Tesis, Auditor of SCS (green shirt) verifying land belonged to Mr. Purnomo, member of Sumber Lestari farmer group of Gunung Wungkal Forest Management Unit (wearing cap).

ABP, T4T and a local Farmer Group pass FSC Controlled Wood Risk Assessment.


This is a very important milestone for all the parties because it ensures that the Farmer Group will receive a premium price for their timber and part of that premium will be allocated for preservation of high value natural forests in the area as well as watersheds and culturally important local sites.

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Focus Group Discussion conducted by FORDA, Trees4Trees and representatives of the community

As part of a larger ongoing ACIAR study, “Study Task 2” was undertaken to identify value framework of community forestry results as a livelihood for rural people. A survey was conducted in Pati district to assess the local family economies in the study area.

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Franny the Bee

Trees4Trees™ will have a new addition to the family. Franny the Bee will be heading up Trees4Trees' educational program.

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