Trees Planting of 500 Jambu Deli Madu

Same place, new trees.

PT Cargill Indonesia Branch Purwodadi once again shows their commitment in taking care environment surrounds. It started in Ketitang Village, Godong, Grobogan District, where their factory is located. Last year in 2016, 1000 Mahogany were planted alongside the main street of the village. This year, Cargill team wanted for something different with more impacts and personal.

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60.000 Trees Planted and Counting

On October 20th in Srumbung Village, Magelang City, Indonesia, Trees4Trees and Tree Limited from Hongkong were having a green mission: planting trees. Where hopefully, the trees will give hope both for nature and social since the beautiful village was all damaged by Merapi’s last eruption in October 2010.

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Khiri Travel Team

“Consciously or not, every business is derived from nature”.

Believe or not, nature gives us almost everything in every sector of business. Even when you’re in technology industry, you still need “natural products” like metal to make the products. More, actually you need nature in every process of your business, you need lands for buildings, furnitures, and electricity for daily use and many more.

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Planting committee with the first tree

PT Pertamina, through its commitment to the environment and local communities has funded the planting of 10.067 trees in Semarang and Kendal Central Java. 61 local farmers will commit their land for this community forestry project and will be the owners of the trees, which will provide them with an income when the trees are mature and ready for harvesting. Trees4Trees provides the free seedlings along with training and mentoring to help the farmers to plant and care for their community forests.

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d-Bodhi Footprint Campaign

d-Bodhi, a producer of home furnishings in Yogyakarta Indonesia, is a company with a strong commitment to environmental and social aspects of its activities. They are focused on the use of recycled wood, metal and textiles as primary sources of raw materials.

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Trees4Trees agreed to implement a collaborative research with Division of Research and Development of Ministry of Forestry. Objective of the research was to identify precise number of wood needed by national industry.
While Trees4Trees focused the research in the requirement of wood for industry in Java Island.

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Social Impact Assessment (SIA) consists of several steps, started with social indicator, secondly, data collection, then analysis, continued with social mapping and finally ended with monitoring.
It is expected that community where the program/activity delivered will get maximum positive impact and minimum negative impact in social aspect. Same as SIA, Environmental Impact Assessment implemented as an effort to maximize positive impact and minimize negative impact of a program/activity to a community and its surrounding environment.

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ACIAR cooperated withTrees4Trees to conduct research entitled 'Overcoming Constraints to Community Based Commercial Forestry in Indonesia.' In the cooperation, ACIAR will make use Pati Management Unit as one of research locations until December 2014, together with other locations developed by other parties, such Gunung Kidul, Bulukumba, Konawe and Sumbawa.
The objective of the research:

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During this month, Trees4Trees arranged survey to locations which were possible to develop as eco-tourism in Pati District.
Some of the visited locations were valley, creek and path.
The activity was delivered as recommended by PUM, a non profit organization based in The Netherland.

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Education Program

  • We start the environment education program by assessing the students’ knowledge of the subject. This year’s program started off in the Elementary School (Sekolah Dasar) of Cikedondong 1 located in Village Cikedondong, District Cilacap.


  • The purpose of the initial assessment is to deliver educational modules that are appropriate in relation to the knowledge level of students in that area. Knowledge of the environment has proven to vary greatly villages and districts.


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Featured stories

Harvesting responsible wood

Trees4Trees™ has been planting trees in Central Java communities since 2007. One of the big benefits of community forestry is that in addition to added tree cover it provides an income for those communities when the trees are harvested. Some of the fast growing species planted by Trees4Trees are already coming to harvest-able maturity.

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Maintenance in the upstream river area is important to ongoing healthy water supply

Water is the essence of life and to provide a healthy living environment for local communities, the water supply must be clean and protected.

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