Grower Training
Primary School Education


Enhancing community prosperity and improving the environment through education

Trees4Trees™ education program has two components which are aimed at educating growers to improve their community forestry results and primary education to increase awareness of the benefits of a healthy environment.

Growers - Individual tree growers receive education and training in tree growing and forestry management practices to help them produce high quality timber for sale. Market requirements and current market pricing for various species is communicated in a clear and transparent manner so that the growers can make informed decisions on how best to manage their plantings to meet their individual needs and those of the marketplace.

Training of tree growers is delivered by field coordinators and is supervised by the Trees4Trees™ operation management team. Individual tree growers often have differing approaches on how they prefer to manage their plantations. To optimize the result in training a diverse range of grower management expectations, training is often tailored to meet individual grower needs. Training is often done on a one on one basis and also through group or peer learning formats.

Primary Education - In partnership with local schools the Trees4Trees™ team introduce the benefits of growing trees to primary school students through an interactive education / learning experience.  The students are made aware of the many values that trees provide to humans, animals, other plants and the wider environment. Curriculum subjects include:

  • Production of oxygen and in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Providing shade, shelter and habitat to support other plants
  • Improving water quality and catchment
  • Prevention of soil erosion and soil salination
  • Moderation of ground and air temperatures
  • Production of fruits, nectar, oils, tannins, latex and timber
  • Heating and energy source in some situations

To complete the exchange, trees are then planted in the school grounds with the assistance of the school children. Ongoing monitoring is undertaken with the school children and the Trees4Trees™ team to record the growth of the plantings.

The primary purpose of this education program is to increase knowledge, skills and raise awareness in a manner that builds empowerment and trust with Trees4Trees™ participants and partners.

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