Plant a Tree!

Plant a Tree!

When you plant a tree with Trees4Trees, it does more than just putting a tree in the ground. It also helps a farming family in a developing country and by doing so, assures that the farmer will continue to plant trees in the future. You are helping regreen our world by supporting sustainable prosperity in areas where it creates the greatest impact environmentally and socially.

Your donation of each tree will capture an average of 243kg of CO2 during its lifetime, about the same amount of greenhouse gases that your car releases in 2 months. The tree will also clear pollution from the air and reduce soil erosion.

With your donation, we will send you a PDF certificate of that donation along with a WIN number (World Identification Number) that will allow you to see the location of your trees and the farmer on whose land they are planted on Google Maps.

Make a difference by planting a tree today.

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