Focus Group Discussion with ACIAR

ACIAR continues to work with Trees4Trees to explore about community forests especially community-based commercial forestry (CBCF) related farmers business networks in forestry.
Last year, it was MTG (Master Tree Grower) evaluation where farmers joined the MTG program in 2015 were evaluated to know if they really practice technical guides and theory to get maximum value. The MTG evaluation is to refine the MTG courses in the future.

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Trees Planting in Podorejo by Cargill and Trees4Trees

It was March 2016 that Cargill Indonesia Branch Semarang donated 1000 trees of Albizia for the very first time to farmers in Semarang. Later on this year, Cargill Indonesia Branch Semarang continues to give their support for environment and social aspects: another 1000 trees of Albizia, proving a commitment to environment as priority and value as a company.


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Planting, Planting, Planting!

When rain comes starting from November, it is planting time for Trees4Trees with the farmers. All seedlings has been distributed, the lands are clean from wild grass, and farmers are ready to plant. Planting time has started in several locations of T4T’s planting area: Pati, Semarang, Magelang, Klaten, Purbalingga, Banyumas, Kebumen, Tegal and Ambarawa.

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Master Tree Grower Evaluation

ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) evaluated Master Tree Grower (MTG) Program, a program that gives some trainings to local farmers forestry technique skill to maximize tree growth as the result. MTG program was held in Pati, 2014 with 17 farmers joined this program.

This evaluation aims to know the influence of MTG program to local farmers in Pati. This activity was held November 2-6th 2016 by Mr. Muktasam from Mataram University as MTG evaluator, represents ACIAR.

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Trees4Trees seedlings

In the middle of 2016, it’s nursery time for Trees4Trees.

This nursery is set to produce 100.000 baby trees in two different locations, Pati and Purbalingga. What makes it more different is, this time Trees4Trees also cooperates with one farmer group in Purbalingga. A cooperation that also has been an education program for local community for growing high quality of seedlings.

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Newly established nursery of Albizia seedlings in FMU of Pati

To maintain the sustainability of trees in community forests, after timber harvesting in the district of Gunung Wungkal, replanting will be done with the same species of trees that have been harvested.

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Members of ACIAR research group visit the community forest of Mr. Sunardi (red shirt), a member of the local Farmer Group

Researchers of ACIAR on Study “Overcoming Constraints to Community-based Commercial Forestry in Indonesia” visited PT. Albasia Bhumiphala Persada (PT. ABP) in Temanggung, Central Java. The factory has been cooperating with Trees4Trees™ in the production of FSC-Controlled Wood Albizia in Gunung Wungkal Forest Management Unit (FMU).

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FSC Controlled Wood on the way to the customer

After 6 months of preparation, farmers at Gunung Wungkal FMU were finally able to deliver FSC-CW Albasia wood to PT. Albasia Bhumiphala Persada.

The farmers were very happy since they got a significantly higher price by selling FSC-Controlled Wood Albasia. The price was between 10% - 25% per cubic meter cubic above non-certified price.

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IFFINA 2013: Wood Tracking System Seminar

During the exhibition, Trees4Trees™ promoted the tree replanting program to furniture producers and retailers and also introduced its latest program: ‘Wood Tracking System’.

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Trees4Trees presented agro forestry technical material

Central Java Forestry Agency carried out Training of Agro Forestry Technique in April 2013 in Cilacap, Central Java.  The Provincial Forestry Agency invited Trees4Trees™ to participate as expert on agro forestry techniques as it is typically provided by Trees4Trees™ as assistance to farmer group

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Featured stories

Harvesting responsible wood

Trees4Trees™ has been planting trees in Central Java communities since 2007. One of the big benefits of community forestry is that in addition to added tree cover it provides an income for those communities when the trees are harvested. Some of the fast growing species planted by Trees4Trees are already coming to harvest-able maturity.

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Maintenance in the upstream river area is important to ongoing healthy water supply

Water is the essence of life and to provide a healthy living environment for local communities, the water supply must be clean and protected.

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