Field Coordinator Candidates

We believe in investing locally to develop human resources. Tree4Trees™ to the greatest extent employs local people to accomplish our goals. This provides income opportunities to the community along with imparting new skills to members of the Trees4Trees™ Team.

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Product Validated with Trees4Trees WIN

Trees4Trees™ activities are funded through several sources. In all cases Trees4Trees™ provides tangible benefits for both donor and the participants in the program.

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Farmer with his new Teak tree

Our goal is to help the environment by helping the people who live in it and community forestry is how we do it.

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Grower Training

Enhancing community prosperity and improving the environment through education


Trees4Trees™ education program has two components which are aimed at educating growers to improve their community forestry results and primary education to increase awareness of the benefits of a healthy environment.

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Mature Tree

An important part of the Trees4Trees™ program is to ensure that the trees planted are responsibly managed and provide the maximum benefit to the grower when they are harvested.

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ACIAR Research Group

The Trees4Trees Program employs a rigorous monitoring and data collection regime in all phases of operation. This data allows us to analyze and improve our processes and it is also valuable to members of the academic community. Trees4Trees frequently collaborates with government, academic and NGO groups to put this information to good use.

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