2 year old teak in a community forest

The Vision

Build a program that contributes to the health of the environment while improving social well-being, which is economically effective, self-sustaining and realized by direct action in the communities where we work.

Renewing the Environment - Improving the environment through community forestry

  • Increasing the forest cover reduces CO2 in the atmosphere, provides a healthy living environment for local fauna and helps to control erosion and the impact on local rivers.

Building Prosperity - Improving people's lives in local communities

  • Fostering a framework to raise people's livelihoods by planting trees on their lands and helping them to maximize their market value.

  • Educating local people on the economic and quality of life benefits of caring for their environment.

Economically effective- Positive benefit to stakeholders at every level

  • The Environment - By planting trees to capture CO2, control soil erosion and provide a healthy living environment for people and local fauna.

  • Local Communities - We are helping to reverse deforestation by creating long term incentives for local communities to participate by providing an additional source of income and a healthier living environment.

  • Individuals - Providing a way to improve our world by reducing their footprint on the environment and helping others to gain a better and cleaner living

  • Consumers - Helping consumers to make informed decisions that the products they buy have a low impact on the environment.

  • Companies - By helping them to reduce their impact on the environment and by verifying to their market that they are acting as good corporate citizens.

An engaged approach - we not only promote, we do!

  • Trees4Trees' objective is to plant trees to achieve our goals at the lowest possible cost, using the best methods to maximize stakeholder advantage from our collective efforts.

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