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2011-06-04 08:36

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ACIAR cooperated withTrees4Trees to conduct research entitled 'Overcoming Constraints to Community Based Commercial Forestry in Indonesia.' In the cooperation, ACIAR will make use Pati Management Unit as one of research locations until December 2014, together with other locations developed by other parties, such Gunung Kidul, Bulukumba, Konawe and Sumbawa.
The objective of the research:

  • Analyzing social dimension of Community-based Commercial Forestry (CBCF) and design a framework for assessing its benefit for community who joined the program;
  • Evaluating the most dominant model of Community-based Commercial Forestry (CBCF) to provide better understanding on how maximize social economic potential and establishment of CBCF policy in Indonesia;
  • Improving capability of farmer group who involved in the most dominant model of community forestry in order to invest and take beneficial decision for the enhancement of livelihood;
  • Involve and influence primary stakeholder, so they can create optimum condition for the implementation of effective CBCF in Indonesia.

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