How is Trees4Trees™ Funded?

Trees4Trees™ funds its operations through several sources:

  • Responsible Wood products manufacturers donate funds to Trees4Trees™ to plant trees to replace the wood used in their products.
  • Companies make donations to fund the planting of trees to reabsorb the CO2 their activities have released into the environment. 
  • Sponsors donate specific amounts to fund the establishment of a community forest in a particular village or area. They may also fund a school education program or a the establishment of a seedling nursery to provide seedlings for Trees4Trees™ regular planting activities. Sponsors may also elect to fund specific projects to help develop the program or benefit specific communities or the environment.
  • Individuals and companies make donations and in return receive a certificate that give a link on Google Maps to the location of the trees planting by their donation and an estimate of the amount of CO2 their donated trees have captured from the atmosphere.