Mindi tree (Melia azedarach L.) is a fast growing tree species in tropical evergreen and shed leaves during winter, like a light, somewhat drought resistant, somewhat tolerant of salinity and infertile soil below freezing point. At the age of 10 years can reach 8 feet tall branches and diameter of +/- 40 cm.
Tree reaching 45 m high, tall branches 80-20 m, diameter up to 60 cm.
Canopy resembles an umbrella, branching wide, sometimes leaf drop.
Trunk cylindrical, straight, no buttress roots, bark gray-brown, grooved to form lines and scales. On young trees have smooth skin and has lenticels; wood pale white pig; reddish brown wooden porch.
Double compound leaves odd pinnate, leaf kids round or oval eggs, gear leaf blade edge. Panicle compound interest, in the armpit leaves, panicles 10-22 cm long, color purple, androgynous (bisexual) or male flowers and female flowers on the same tree.
Fruits round or oblong, not opening, the size of 2-4 cm x 1-2 cm, the outer skin is thin, smooth, dry skin wrinkles in the leather hard, young green fruit, ripe yellow fruit, the fruit generally have a 4-5 seed. Seeds 3.5 x 1.6 mm small, oval, smooth, brown, black dry beans.

Distribution and place grow

Mindi tree has a natural distribution in India and Burma, widely planted in tropical and subtropical regions, in Indoanesia widely planted in the Sumatra region, Java, Nusa Tenggara and Papua.
Mindi plants grown in the lowlands to highlands, altitude 0-1200 m above sea level, with an average rainfall per annum 600-2000 mm, can grow on any type of soil. drainase thrives on good soil, soil yag deep, sandy clay, tolerant of shallow soil, salty and alkaline soil.
Mindi plants flowering and fruiting season has different between places with one another.
Flowering plants in West Java in the months of March through May, in East Java, between the months of June through November. In West Nusa Tenggara in the month of September and June.Fruit ripe in the month of June, August, November and December.
Extraction was done by soaking seeds in water for 1 fruitup to two days, then cleaned and dried beans in the shade. Amountdry beans per kilogram + / - 3000 points.
Seed storage performed by inserting a seed into a tightly closed container, stored in a cold room (temperature 3-5 ° C) germination of 80% for one year and down 20% after five years.

Mindi is a generative breeding (using bean), to remove the seed coat dormancy which can inhibit the germination was carried out byremoving skin from fruit or in other ways by soaking seeds in water temperature 80 ° C for 30 minutes.
Sowing seeds in the hotbed that is not doneclosed.
Seeds thinly covered soil or leaf litter.
After the seedling reaches a height of 2-4cm can be moved to 200-300 ml size plastic bag containing the soil layertop(top-soil).
Seeds kept in the nursery until the height reached 20-30 cm.
Seedlings ready for planting at the age of 4 months to 6 months. Where will useseeds in the form of stumps, made by cutting the stem and taproot,each measuring 20 cm and root collar diameter should be between 11-25 cm.
Vegetatively propagated plants can be done by making cuttings stem. Giving the hormone indole butiric acid (IBA) with a dose of 50 ppm at Mindi cuttings can enhance its success.


Planting in the field should be done after the net open area, hoeto a depth of 30 cm. Limited planting root neck. Opened from the seedlingsplace, there can be no roots folded. Mindi plant spacing can be 2 m x 2 mor 2 m x 3 m.


Plant maintenance in the form of fertilizer needs to be done. Weeding weedsperformed several times in the first and second. Thinning performed after 3-year-old plants with leaves 400 stems per hectare, then at the age of 6 years crop thinning done again until the number of trees per hectare to 200 bars.

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