Silviculture operations cover the management of the plantatings from the initial planning through to harvesting and replanting of the forest. The Trees4Trees™ team work with local tree growers to apply the silviculture principles most appropriate to the site and the grower’s goals.

Tree Care Training

To maximize returns to growers by reducing the rotation period and improving the grade of timber, growers are training on silviculture techniques to produce ‘target trees’ i.e. a tree which meets the requirement for sale into a specific market.

Silviculture Training











The Trees4Trees™ team develops training materials and resources for assisting tree growers in the following silviculture operations:

  • Tree planting and Establishment – techniques are outlined to maximize planting survival and encourage successful occupation of the planting site through good weed control.

  • Form pruning - is used to maintain a single leader or apical dominance of the tree.

  • Tree selection - trees are selected based on criteria including species, form, dominance spacing and stocking. Trees of the desired characteristics are retained while others are removed through thinning operations.

  • Thinning - trees are removed to produce a stand of desirable trees which will grow at optimum rates to produce target trees.

  • Lift pruning -  is undertaken to remove tree branches from the trunk of the tree to a specific height. Lift pruning is used in tree species which do not shed their branches to increase the volume of clear grade timber which is free of defects and knots.