What is a WIN?

A WIN is a World Identification Number, which is used to track the trees we plant. WINs are assigned to trees funded by donations from individuals or companies that participate in the Trees4Trees™ Program. The WIN allows the donor to locate their trees on a map in this website.

We keep track of every tree we plant and monitor them regularly. The trees are recorded in our database with GPS coordinates of their location. 

To see the location of your trees, just enter your WIN in the WINCheck field at the bottom of this page and click the arrow and you will be brought to the location where the tree is planted in Google Maps. If you just want to try out the system, you can put in a test number. Pick a number between 10.000 and 500.000. This almost always hits a live tree but if you get an unused number, just try another number until you get one with a live tree assigned.

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