Artemano Caledonia

Artemano is a Canadian furniture company that uses various woods sourced throughout Southeast Asia to create furniture that combines the exoticism of the country it comes from with an uncluttered, clean aesthetic. Each one of our stores is decorated to reflect our motto: “home is an escape and we love to create it”, and we aim to create an oasis in the heart of every city we are in. In addition to our own designs, Artemano also up cycles, creating furniture from fishing boats, railway ties, old construction wood, salvaged drift wood and storm-felled trees. We offer dining, living, lighting, bedroom, office and decor items.

When it comes to design, the company motto is “Nature is our guide”. Each piece of wood we choose dictates what it will become by its shape, the grain and its measurements - therefore every item is slightly different, even if it belongs to the same collection. Over the years, we have learned to develop design methods that take into account the varying behaviours of the different woods we use in order to accommodate the challenges of working with one of Nature’s most beautiful elements. The result is functional art: a combination of East meets West, of new and old, and of ambiances inspired by nature and the clean, simple, straightforward design that is pervasive across Southeast Asia.


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Toronto, ON M6B 3X7

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