3 Year Sengon

After almost four years of planting and growing experience in early 2011, Trees4Trees™ looked back at the success of these activities.

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Community Consultation - SIA

Successful forest management requires the full cooperation of the communities who are affected by these activities. Gaining this trust and cooperation requires a deep understanding of the area and its inhabitants. The people side of this exercise is called Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and considers a community’s culture and economy.

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A farmer at Pati measuring trees height to calculate growth and yield

Collaboration with the academic community has always been high on the agenda of Trees4Trees. Combining the physical planting, growing and community social impact data that Trees4Trees generates with the theoretical knowledge and analysis of the institutions of learning provides a valuable benefit to both groups.

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About Trees4Trees

Trees4Trees™ empowers local communities through partnership reforestation initiatives and related education programs. By increasing the area of community planted and owned forests, livelihood assets are created, the negative effects of deforestation are reduced and the environment is renewed.