Bpk. Ade Sopiali

“I imagine that from 21 schools that participate in this program, a time in the future when hundreds of thousands of trees or possibly even millions of trees can be planted in District of Jepara ....... this is a very challenging and delightful art and through this program I can more sharpen the capacity of communicating with the community.”

This is the dream of Mr. Ade, former Principal of SMKN 1 (High School) Jepara, who joined the Trees4Trees tree planting program in 2008 as an Area Manager.

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Franny the Bee

Trees4Trees™ will have a new addition to the family. Franny the Bee will be heading up Trees4Trees' educational program.

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Novita, Trees4Trees staff with local villagers planting vetiver

Riparian Planting Activity

Riparian planting activity is one of programs which is developed by Trees4Trees with the main goal is to improve the quality of river stream area to support the function of the river, we can find such activities along Cilalal riverside, Kedung Wadas and Citembong villages, Cilacap Districts. One of species that protects surface from erosion is vetiver, about  5.000 plc of vetiver have been planted along 1,5 km.

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Students at Mantren Elementary School and Gaja Mada University

"Planting trees is a way of engaging children in making plans for their future" Anida Metha Anggriasari and her fellow graduate students from Gajah  Mada University set out to prove this in their Real  Work  Practice  project.

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