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2010-09-29 15:08

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Students Mantren and Gaja Mada University

"Planting trees is a way of engaging children in making plans for their future" Anida Metha Anggriasari and her fellow graduate students from Gajah  Mada University set out to prove this in their Real Work Practice project. The Real Work Practice is routinely undertaken by last- year graduate students at the Natural Science Faculty. This year it was done in cooperation with Trees4Trees in the village of Mantren, Magetan.

AnidaAnida knew from her studies that water supply can be a serious problem in many villages in Java.  She also knew that awareness among villagers is low.  She used tree planting to catch people's attention and went from there to providing training on improving water catchment through better forest management. "Collaboration with Trees4Trees™ didn't just give me knowledge about planting but also gave me a challenge on how to bring ideas to communities and children".

Anida Metha Anggriasari, born in Kediri,  1988.  Currently studying Natural Science at the University of Gajah Mada.  Concern for conservation of wildlife specializing in orchids and their habitats. Working with Trees4Trees to raise awareness of students in environmental matters, at the village of Mantren, District Magetan.

Student learning to plant treesStudent plantersOne thousand trees may not sound very impressive, and if they planted by 80 young and able university students you'd be excused for thinking that they are not working themselves to death.  And they are not meant to, of course. For the third time in many years Trees4Trees celebrated Earth Day with students from the State University of Semarang planting trees and discussing environmental issues. The event draws more participants every year and we hope to establish similar traditions with other partner institutions.

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