March 2013 Preparation of FSC-CW Albasia production at Gunung Wungkal Forest Management Unit

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2013-03-29 18:46

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Trees4Trees and farmer group management discussing the Albasia production plan at Gunung Wungkal Forest Management Unit.

After passing the FSC-CW Risk Assessment, Trees4Trees™ together with farmer group of Gunung Wungkal Forest Management Unit commenced production preparation.

Among the preparation tasks was meeting with farmer group management to develop the harvesting plan and delivery of Albasia to the forest products company PT. Albasia Bhumiphala Persada. This also focused on determining the target production per month for each group.

Trees4Trees works together with local farmers to organize a management structure with village leaders and provides training to enable them to manage their own community forest business. Trees4Trees provides a transparent marketing channel to ensure that they are receiving the best prices for their trees and also administration to manage forestry planning and the chain of custody required for FSC certified wood.

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